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Fridge Repair Services in Winona County, MN

Get the most out of your refrigerator with proper maintenance and repairs to keep it running correctly. Whether it’s making an unusual noise, not cooling properly, or starting to leak, our experienced team at Steve’s Refrigeration Repair will come to your property and examine the refrigerating unit, identifying the issue quickly to minimize food loss. Our refrigerator repair troubleshooting process involves looking at all the possible issues, including condenser coils, evaporator fans, and starter relays, to get your fridge running as soon as possible. Fridge repairs will cost far less than buying a new unit, so be sure to explore all your repair options before shopping for a new refrigerator. Even a short loss in fridge service can put you at risk of losing some of your stored food, so don’t wait to call us for refrigerator repair as soon as you notice an issue. 


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One of our experts performing refrigerator repair services in Winona County, MN

Maintenance to keep your fridge running efficiently longer

Regular maintenance checkups on your fridge will ensure it is running efficiently and not at risk of breaking. Catching a problem in its early stages will prevent a loss of cooling or food, so don’t hesitate to call our technicians to perform regular maintenance on your unit. Fridge repair and service procedures typically include checking door seals, cleaning coils, and adjusting the temperature for optimum performance. A short checkup will enable your fridge to run more efficiently and keep your food at a safe, sustainable temperature. Our team is highly experienced, so whether you’ve had your fridge for years or it’s still new, we’ll help you keep it running for years to come with fast, effective refrigerator repair.

     Keep your condenser coils and door seals clean and in good condition to ensure top efficiency. As refrigerators age, seals can become dry or cracked, and coils can collect dust and cobwebs. Keeping everything clean will allow your fridge to run smoothly and cool efficiently, saving you money on electricity bills. Don’t let an inefficient fridge needlessly increase your utility bills. Call Steve’s Refrigeration Repair for fridge maintenance today!

     Fix your fridge quickly by calling the most experienced team in La Crescent, MN, when you need refrigerator repair. Our business has been helping keep people’s refrigerators running since 1980, and through almost 40 years in business, we’ve learned how to quickly and efficiently work on nearly every make and model on the market. Whether your fridge is brand new or practically an antique, we’ll get it back up and running as quickly as possible.

     Replace worn door seals to ensure cool air isn’t leaking from your fridge. After several years of use, these seals can become cracked and brittle, which prevents them from doing their job. We can replace or repair your fridge door seals to keep your from wasting energy.

     Don’t let an unexpected breakdown make you lose food. Our team responds quickly to service calls to minimize your fridge’s downtime.

Contact Steve’s Refrigeration Repair by calling (608) 784-1919 as soon as you notice an issue with your appliance.